Mouse Ears Headband Free Tutorial

I've been having so much fun getting things ready for our trip to Disneyland!  I made my daughter  a little outfit to wear on the first day with some socks to go with it as well- you can find the tutorial to make these socks in my tutorials section.  I used my Madison and ruffle bottom pants patterns to make this outfit. I just cropped them both to make them as a shirt and capri set. Now... on to the ears!

I decided that I was going to make some "mouse ears" for her to wear on the way up.  I bought some black felt that had a self-stick side and found some other items in my craft tub to use: black ribbon, red polka dot ribbon, a headband, glue sticks, glue gun, string, scissors and a lighter.

I made myself a template for my mouse ears by just making a circle and added a rectangle to the bottom of the circle to use to attach it to the headband.

Here is a template if you need it. I should about 3" across.

mouse ears template

First, I cut out my template, then I traced it onto the back of the felt paper four times.

Next, I cut out the four circles and peeled the paper backing and cut off the circle part and left the rectangles with the paper backing because I don't want those parts to stick together.

I carefully placed one of the ears on top of the other. They will be hard to remove from each other so try to make sure they are even the first time!

Once both ears were done, I peeled the paper off of the rectangles at the bottom and spread them apart and placed them onto my headband where I wanted them.  They needed a little glue underneath them to help them to stick to the headband.

To wrap the ribbon around my headband I dabbed some glue on the back at the end of one side, then slowly worked my way up by twisting it around the headband.  Once I got to the ears, I twisted it over itself so that I could go back around and under the ear again, then repeat the step on the other side of the ear so that I would be going in the same direction again.  I repeated this for the other ear as well.

Once I was finished gluing the end of the ribbon down, I finished the ends with some ribbon wrapped and glued down around them.  I made a figure 8 bow and glued that down to the center of my headband.   I thought it turned out pretty cute...we'll see if my daughter will wear it now.  She runs from me when I told her I made her something! lol!  I think I'll tell her I bought it from the store. :)


  1. This turned out so cute! Would you like to be a guest on my blog and post one of your turorials and tell everyone a about yourself as a shop owner and blogger? You pick the day.

  2. I am taking the grandchildren to Disney after Christmas. Thank you for the great tutorial on the mouse ears. I am going to make them for the grandchildren.
    New follower from the blog hop. Hope you follow back.

  3. your daugther is lucky to have such a talented mom, outfits look amazing have a great trip.

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