Free Tutorial How To Make a Figure 8 hair Bow

There are other ways to make this bow, this is how I do it

What you will need:

Ribbon (I am using a 1 1/2"ribbon and for the center a 5/8" ribbon for this tutorial but you can use any size), string, hot glue gun, hot glue sticks, a lighter, scissors,  control clips (you can find this at a  beauty supply store and usually come in a pack of 6) and a headband.

1.  To make this figure 8 bow, cut about 22" of your 1 1/2" ribbon.  

2.  Fold your ribbon in half and make a crease.

3.  Open the ribbon and take one side and swing it around to touch the center of the ribbon where the crease is.  You will want the raw end will be perpendicular with the center part of the ribbon,  and the raw end is flush with the side of the ribbon.

4.  Take the other end of the ribbon and swing that end around the opposite way.  This end will be placed on top of the other end, directly in the center of the ribbon where the crease was made. Now it looks like an "8"

5.  Now you have what look like two little "hoods".  Take one "hood" and make the center of that "hood" meet the center of the bow where the crease is. 

6.  Repeat for the other side and place your control clip over them to hold them in place- so that they touch.  

7.  Cut off some string, about 12" or more, and place it through the control clip's center, then make the string come back around through the center and tie off the strings together and knot well.  Leave the excess string.

8.  If you want to add an alligator clip to the back, go to the tutorial on how to make a basic bow and follow the steps on how to do this. 

9.  If you want to add another layer with a different size (or same size is cute too) ribbon, repeat all steps and just place the second bow on top of the first and tie them together with string.  You may want to make the length of ribbon shorter than 22" for a smaller bow in the center.

10.  To add this bow to a headband, add a dab of glue to the headband where you want the bow, then center the bow on top of that spot.  Use the excess string to wrap around the headband a few times where you want the bow to be and tie off the strings and knot well so that the bow is secure.  Cut off the excess string.

11.  Get the ribbon that you are going to use as the center of the bow and cut about 5-6" off and tie a knot into the middle or leave it as is.

12.  Dab a bit of glue on the center of the bow.  Place the center ribbon onto the dab of glue, then wrap it around to the back.  Glue one end down to the back of the headband.  Cut off the excess ribbon.

13. Then dab a bit of glue to that point, pull the other end of the ribbon over the glue and pull it a little so that it is tight, then secure it in place on the glue.  Cut off the excess ribbon and lightly sear it with the lighter so that it melts the end of the ribbon to prevent fraying.  You are done!  

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