Free Apron Tutorial, Basic Apron Pattern

Basic Apron Tutorial

Free Apron TutorialApron Pattern

Adult, Child and Doll Basic Apron Pattern
Materials: Adult’s Apron: 1 yard of fabric Child’s Apron: 1⁄2 yard fabric Doll’s Apron: 1 quarter of fabric Sewing machine, Thread Bobbin, Scissors, Iron, Pins
(cut 1)

L      W
Bias tape (x2)

L     W
Pocket Main fabric
(cut 1)
L      W
Pocket top strip
(cut 1)

L     W
Pocket middle strip
(cut 1)
L     W
(one size)
42"x 2”
10” x17”
2”x 17”
 (one size)
7”x 10”
3” x 10”
2”x 10”
12”x 9”
3” x 6”
3” x 6” 
2”x 6”

Terms: (bs) backstitch when starting and ending.
(rsf) right side of fabric
(wsf) wrong side of fabric

Step One: Cut Your Pattern and fabric. You will need one apron piece, two bias tapes, one pocket piece and the two fabric strips at the top of the pocket.

Step Two: Cutting Your Armholes and Ironing
a) Fold your apron in half lengthwise, (wsf) towards each other. Put the
fold of fabric on the left side.
b) Place your armhole pattern at the top right side, making sure the straight edges line up along the open ends of the fabric. Pin in place.
c) Cut out your armhole.

d) Open your apron, (rsf) facing down. At the top of your apron press 1⁄2” down towards the (wsf), then another 1⁄2”. (If making the doll size do all folds at a 1/4")
e) On your two sides of your apron, press 1⁄2” towards the (wsf), then another 1⁄2”.
f) On the bottom of your apron, press 1⁄2” towards the (wsf), then another 1⁄2”.

g) For your bias tape, if you have to sew two pieces of fabric to get a long enough bias tape, place them (rsf) towards each other, and perpendicular. Sew a diagonal stitch across (bs) when beginning and ending. Cut off excess fabric.
h) Fold your bias tape ends in a 1⁄4” and press. Then fold it in half towards the (wsf) lengthwise and press. Open it up and use the center line as a guide to fold the two sides in towards the center lengthwise.

i)  For your top strip of your pocket, fold it in half,(wsf) towards each other, lengthwise and press.

Step Three: Sewing your apron and pocket
a) Sew an edge stitch about 1⁄2” in, or as close to the edge as possible, (1/4" in for doll apron) along the top of your apron, making sure the first 1/2" fold is under the second, (bs) when beginning and ending.
b) Sew a 1⁄2” edge stitch along the two sides of your apron, (bs) when beginning and ending.
c) Sew a 1⁄2” edge stitch along the bottom of your apron, (bs) when beginning and ending.

d) For your pocket, take the middle strip piece, place it on top of the pocket's main fabric, (rsf) towards each other, pin in place along one of the widths and sew them together using a  1⁄2”  seam allowance, (bs) when beginning and ending. Cut off excess fabric. To finish the edge to prevent fraying you can use a wide zigzag over the edge, pinking shears, or serger.

e) For the top strip on your pocket, place it along the top width of the middle strip piece, raw sides together at the top, pin in place. Sew them together using a 1⁄2” seam allowance, (bs) when beginning and ending. Repeat with a zigzag or other finishing stitch. Cut excess fabric, press.

f) Press the two side lengths of your pocket 1⁄2” in towards (wsf).
g) Press the bottom of your pocket 1⁄2” towards (wsf).
h) Pin in place where you would like your pocket to be and sew an edge stitch along the two sides and bottom as close to the edge as possible.

i)Pin your bias tape around the armholes sandwiching the fabric between the bias tape, making sure that you leave enough at the top and bottom to tie around your neck and waist. Use that side as a template for your other side to match.
j) Sew an edge stitch, about 1/2" in, or as close to the edge as possible from one end of the bias tape, across the armhole, to the other end of the bias tape, (bs) when beginning and ending.
k) Repeat for the other bias tape.
 l) You are done! Add a cute appliqué or leave as is.

***If you want to add a ruffle, to a cupcake applique as I did, cut out a piece of fabric to 2” by 8”, press your fabric on all sides a 1⁄4” towards (wsf), then another 1⁄4”. Sew a 1⁄4” edge stitch on all sides, remembering to (bs) when beginning and ending.
Sew a baste stitch down the center. Tie off of one end and use the other ends bottom thread to pull as you push the fabric down to ruffle it. Tie off that end when you get your desired amount of ruffle. Pin in place where you want it, and sew a straight stitch over it, don’t forget to (bs) when beginning and ending.***

***If you want to add a bow, loop it around leaving one tail longer than the other. Put the middle of the loop down to the center. Pin. You can do this with another color on top as well. (If you do another color, you do not need to leave one of its tails longer)
Sew a straight stitch over the center, (bs). Use the longer tail to go around the center of the bow and back under. Pin onto your appliqué where you want it and sew a straight stitch, (bs). Cut off the extra ribbon. Burn the ends to prevent fraying. Done!


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