Sewing Labels free tutorial

I'm following The Monday Monkey Blog Hop this week. :)

I now have a "FAN" page! Lol!   A BIG thank you to Amanda from the blog Mommy of Two Little Monkeys for her help!  Now I can post new products and share on Facebook as well! :)  Here's my link to my page  to "like" my shop. ;)

Something fun to share.  I recently researched how to make my own sewing labels because I knew there had to be a way I could do it from home.  I found a great website that shared how to make your own sewing labels 5 different ways.  I chose to do the fabric paper that you can use with your home printer and I picked the sew-in version, but there are "iron on" versions of this paper if you prefer.

Here's how they turned out, cool huh?  I just followed the directions on the back of the packet and voila!  Cute little personalized labels!  I don't sell my clothing, I just give them away to friends or I make them for my daughters, but I thought that it would be neat to make labels and I even made some size labels as well!

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  1. great idea! this helps SO much when you have more than one girl and save their clothing! I won't have to guess when I made it or how old they were when I take them out of storage. thanks for making it easy!


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