Instant Downloads Soon!

I am so excited to be offering instant downloads soon!  It has been fun...and challenging, learning all this computer lingo and how to link this to that, but I have been blessed to have had a lot of help along the way!  Danielle from Ms Danielle Designs put together this beautiful blog site for me and I have been working on  putting this pattern shop together to offer instant downloads of all my tutorials and printable patterns that I offer through my ETSY shop currently..... but without the waiting!  It will be such a great addition to offer this to my customers and I can't wait until it is done!  I am hoping that you find this to be a much more convenient way to purchase!  I would be interested in hearing any requests or suggestions from you about patterns that you would like to see in my shop and what you would love to learn more about for my free tutorials section!  I am working on a few more free tutorials as well!  This is such a great creative outlet for me and I hope you find my tutorials and links to other tutorial blogs helpful to you as well!  Please check out the buttons on the sides of my page, these women are amazing and offer a lot of great, free tutorials to try!

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