How to Make a Fabric Flower Free

I found a few tutorials on how to make this type of flower, but most of them required a paper pattern where you had to cut out the flower using the pattern, and I wanted something quick and easy.  Here is the quick version.

Materials needed:  glue gun, glue sticks, alligator clip or any other type of clip, fabric remnants, scissors, and something to glue them onto, such as a piece of felt.

First, cut your fabric remnants. You will need four 3"x3" pieces for the bottom layer, four 2.5"x2.5" for the middle layer, and four 2"x2" pieces for the top layer.

Cut your felt or whatever you are using into a circle. I used a piece about 2" wide.

Start with the bottom layer and fold it in half, wrong sides of fabric together.

Then fold it in half again.

Now fold it diagonally, and you are going to cut the raw ends the way you would if you were making a paper heart.

Open it up and it should look like a heart.  Repeat for the other three pieces.  Glue them onto the circle base that you made.


Repeat the folding and cutting steps with the middle pieces of fabric.  Stagger these when gluing them on.

Repeat all steps for the top layer, glue a clip on to the back and you are done! You can put something in the middle or leave it as is.


  1. Another great tutorial! You are very creative!


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