Wipe Covers free tutorial

I mentioned a few weeks back that I was going to do a wipe case cover tutorial...so here goes!  There may be other ways to do this, but this is how I do it. ;)  These are great gifts to give, no sewing required!

First gather your materials. You will need a wipe cover first of all- the green one that I am using is free in my diaper box, but I have also seen the white ones sold separately.  You will also need, a fat quarter of fabric (no pre-washing necessary), ribbon to decorate the cover and you will need 3/8" ribbon to go around the wipe cover to finish the sides, hot glue, hot glue gun, scissors and fiber fill.

Cut out two pieces of 5 1/2"x 9" pieces of fabric

Place hot glue onto the top of your wipe cover and place a handful of fiber fill on top.  You want to do your best to try to spread it out evenly.

Find the back of the lid where the top and bottom are joined.  There is a slight lip there, place some glue above it and place the center of the longer side of the fabric onto the glue.

Place another dab of glue onto the front of the wipe cover where you can open the lid.  Pull your fabric as tightly as you can over the fiber fill to "smash" it down and place your fabric onto the glue.  You do not want any extra fabric hanging over the edge, so you can tuck some of the excess fabric under itself before you place it onto the glue...or cut the excess off afterwards.

Repeat these steps for gluing the fabric down to the sides of the wipe cover, making sure you pull tightly. Then go around the corners and pull them tightly and add glue underneath them.

Repeat all steps for the bottom of the wipe cover.

Decide on the ribbon that you would like to add to the top of your cover and cut the length of ribbon that you need.

You will glue the ribbon down to the fabric, and if you are doing more than one, you can glue the next ribbon on top of the first, and so on.

Now get your 3/8" ribbon to go around the edge of the wipe cover to finish it with a clean, sealed edge.  Measure it around your cover to get the amount that you need to cut.  Mine was roughly about 26" (x2) one for the top, and one for the bottom.

Start at the center of the "back" part of the wipe cover.  Slightly melt the end with a lighter, then dab some glue onto the wipe cover and place your ribbon onto it.  Go around slowly, adding glue to the ribbon, then pulling it slightly and laying it down onto the edge of the wipe cover.  Continue doing this until the ribbon has completely covered the top edge, then but off any excess and slightly melt that end and glue it down.  Repeat all steps for the bottom of the wipe cover.

You can leave it like this, which is really cute as well, or you can add a bow to the top.

To make your bow, overlap some ribbon and glue the back of that ribbon to itself where it overlaps.  You can repeat this with another ribbon as well for a layered look.  Find a piece of ribbon to wrap around as its center and overlap it on the back.  Glue those pieces together onto the wipe cover and you are done!  You can even add some rhinestones if you want!


  1. Very cute and no sew that is even better!

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  7. What a great idea and really pretty. My kids have out-grown wipes but I'm going to brainstorm what else I can use it for. Nice meeting you on the hop. I'll definitely be back for more.

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